Social recruitment

1, digital IC design engineer

     Job Description: Responsible for the design, development and verification of the digital front end of the chip.

     job requirements:

     1 more than three years of digital chip front-end design work experience, two streaming experience;

     2 Familiar with the RTL design of the Verilog language;

     3 Master integrated and static timing analysis and chip simulation verification methods;

     4 Familiar with compiler tools such as Keil;

     5 Ability to use instruments such as oscilloscopes and logic analyzers.

     6 Mastering hardware description language, workstation use, and common EDA tools are preferred.

     7 Experience with eMMC/SD, NAND Flash, SATA, UFS, USB and MCU chip design is preferred.


2, IC verification engineer

     Job description:

     1 Responsible for storage class chip RTL level, netlist level simulation;

     2 Responsible for project verification plan writing, environment building, use case design, script development, etc.

     job requirements:

     1 IC verification related work experience for more than 3 years, electronic information / computer related major;

     2 Familiar with System Verilog/Verilog/SVA, familiar with function coverage and random testing;

     3 Skilled in using simulation and debugging tools such as VCS, NCSIM, Verdi, etc.

     4 master at least one scripting language, such as Shell, Perl, Python, Tcl, Makefile, etc.;

     5 Have good team awareness and ability to solve problems quickly, with initiative and responsibility.


3. Firmware engineer (eMMC/SSD/USB direction)

     Job description:

     Responsible for the design and development of chip firmware.

     job requirements:

     1 Computer science and technology, communication engineering, software engineering, automation, electronic science and technology and other related majors;

     2 Master the C language programming and debugging methods;

     3 Familiar with software development and debugging methods based on ARM core;

     4 understand the various types of Nand Flash features;

     5 Master the use of storage management algorithms and various basic testing tools;

     6 Have good program development habits and be able to write development documents.

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