Salary and welfare

Our benefits are not only very competitive, but also comprehensive, providing protection and protection for you and your family and improving the quality of your life.

Salary system

     1) Highly competitive salary level (two pays per year review, excellent staff pays twice a year)

     2) Year-end performance bonus

     3) Project Award

Holiday System

     1) Double break, flexible working system

     2) On-the-job, you will enjoy paid annual leave for six days, increasing by one day per year.

     3) Humanized paid sick leave, marriage leave, accompanying (maternity leave), funeral leave, legal holiday leave, etc.

     4) Women's Day (female), Children's Day (family with children) holiday for half a day

Insurance benefits

     1) Pay the first type of social insurance (integrated medical insurance) upon entry

     2) Formal employees have complete commercial insurance (life insurance, accident insurance, 42 major illness insurance)

     3) Paying the housing provident fund when you join the company

     4) Encourage employees to accumulate innovation, apply for invention patents, and award bonuses ranging from 1,500 to 2,700 yuan

     5) Annual health checkup once

     6) Injury and condolences, wedding payment, maternity allowance, funeral allowance

     7) Subsidy system such as traffic reimbursement, communication allowance, and work meal subsidy

     8) Traditional holiday gift distribution such as Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival

     9) The company keeps a small medicine box

     10) Free purchase of books

Company Activities

     1) Organize two trips a year (one in the first half and the second half)

     2) Set up departmental activities and organize departmental activities by department heads

     3) Set project funds, the project manager is responsible for organizing project team member activities

     4) Birthday party every season

     5) Weekly regular football (Tuesday), swimming (Wednesday), badminton (Thursday), basketball (Friday) activities

     6) Resigning the old New Year's party

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